Monday, April 23, 2007

Worth 1000 Entries

Well, i do have lots of photo manipulations... hmmm... let's start with this one.


The first one is an entry for the virtual game which is not yet been relesed. So i decided to make a jumping rope game and made it into PS.. haha.. etong kinalabasan...

Another level on the jumping rope...

an international competition, where participants from different countries join this elite game...

you can choose different characters, each from different countries..

you may choose different modes from kinda easy, easy, mid-difficult, difficult, and very difficult modes.

you may choose different locations.. from playground to a nuclear power plant, from school grounds to underwater!

and the best of all, its a no-nonsense jumping rope game... each player can cheat: throw stones while the player is playing, plot bombs on the playground.. and many more!


I suppose to pass this for Worth1000 again, in 30 mins, i try to finish my art, but i ran out of time.... 56 seconds more before the deadline, but the contest closed. sayang.. anyways.. i am posting this one, hoping na magkaroon pa ng isa pang contest like this... heh...


di ako masyadong adik sa worth1000... another entry again.. these are two separte devaintarts... i'm so sorry, i forgot to get their names.. maybe on monday, i'll acknowledge them... the challenge is to make a realistic UFO sighting... i dunno kung realistic enough ito... :giggle:




Subject: Your Worth1000 entry was a top pick!
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 05:14:57 -0500

Hey katsushiro,

Congratulations! Your entry, Abducted, was selected as a Jury's pick (amongst the cream of the crop) in Contest 13515. This is really just a pat on the back since this award is independent of the contests and any monetary reward, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't feel proud of yourself. Heck, give yourself a hug. Job well done!

To see your shiny new gold star go to your stats page at

Bling, Bling!
-Worth1000 juror Nicky666


I think of a nationalistic way of how would a dawn be like in the philippines.. no need for fireworks.. this could be beautiful...

CAT VS. MOUSE Pt. 2 (Link)

Another Worth1000 entry.. sana manalo this time.. haha!

CAT VS. MOUSE Pt. 1 (Link)

Another worth 1000 entry na talunan... partida, 2 pa entry ko nyan ah.. haha!

Movie Review: 300

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Bob Longino
"...beautiful to look at and bombastic tripe to listen to."

Chicago Sun-Times
Richard Roeper
"...the "Citizen Kane" of cinematic graphic novels."

E! Online
Alex Markerson
"...a stunning piece of filmmaking..."

Entertainment Weekly
Lisa Schwarzbaum
"This is dazzle for the head, not the heart."

Rolling Stone
Peter Travers
"...fanboys will thrill to the carnage and presumably forgive the puffed-up dialogue and regrettable lack of characterization."

Tim yap
Aahaaay chorva!

Di kinaya ng powers ko ang kahotness ng movieness na itetch! It's raining men! (haleluya)! like go go go mga anik anik at ang mga mudra mega taray ang haba ng hair production number clothing designer eklavu powerness! kaboom!

It's like go papa spartans! go delisyus fighting karne! i get so weak on the knees i can't hardly breath go go go! spapartans make bugbog the evil persia! make warla the queen xerxes.

At antaray naman ng lolaaaaaa xerxes mooooooo! nagmamaasim ang fingerlets ng hinawakan si spapartan head papa! ang entrance pang vilma with matching solid gold dancers itetch! with diamente ala maricel! wiiinnneeeeeer! ang eye brows ha! mega shoot to the stratosphere sa katarayan!

Ang warlahan ditetch daig pa ang rineregla sa dami ng vlood! at ang nacut neck na cutie spartan...nag cryola aketch! di kinaya ng emoticons ko ang death by tamponess ng cutie spartan. huhuhu. I'm sure proud si mother ricky dahil ang ganduuuuuuuuh talaga ng movieng itetch. like super mega walang halong chorva!

PERO LYER SILA! binilang ko ang mga papa...di umabot ng 300. 127 lang ang mga spapartans! etchos


Photo Restoring

Just as when i was scanning my pictures in my friendster account, i bumped into one of my oldest pic there.. so old that it is my baby pic! haha!

I thought of playing it, and i came up with the idea of restoring the image.... and VIOLA! here it is.. hehe...

Now it looks like taken yesterday.. lolz... isn't it lovely? He looks like my son! haha!

Baguio Adventure

And because its summer, i can't get over with the places i went at last year, so i posted these pics taken last May of 2006 from Baguio City...

Parang iisa lang ata ang damit ko dito at doon sa Grande Isalnd... actually, isang araw lang ang pagitan ng pagpunta ko ng Baguio at Grande... and I never realized this until now na, iisa angs et ng clothes that I brought! ack! silly me!

Grandeur Scandal

Here are some of my pics during my first trip in Grande Island, er sometime in 2007...

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Grandeur Grande Island

This is, (obviously) our group photo taken before our departure at Grande Island, a week ago.