Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Mystique vis-a-vis Emma Frost
I did some sketches when i have the most free time i have in the history of working. I have become fans of these wonderful gorgeous women of the Marvel world, and of course been a fan of this anime. I am talking about the X-Men and Naruto. And since i've seen myself being fond of them, i decided my first-ever fanart! *applause* So for the start, I drew Emma Frost and Mystique from the X-Men... two of the lovely ladies in the X-Men Universe.. and of course I love Storm... kaya lang di ko nahabol yung scan, so sa susunod na lang sya. For the vis-a-vis sketch, i used their current costume while on their solo sketches, i used their old uniforms...
Next stop is my favorite Naruto character, they are actually three alongside Shino is Shikamaru and Sasuke... I will be posting the last two sketches next time, if i could find time..... Where can i buy time?

Emma Frost , Mystique & Shino, the bugsy boy


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