Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The 1 vs. 100 Experience

September 4, 2007, Tuesday-------
7:57amI got a text from ABS-CBN Interactive that they are inviting me to attend the screening for the 1 vs. 100 as a MOB or THE ONE.
7:58amI texted Bernce for the good news. Bernce replied back, "Ayos!"
7:59amI informed my officemate. They replied, "Galing!"
8:15amI informed my brother. He replied, "Ayos! Galing!"
[Lost Time]
5:14pm - I informed my boss that I will be absent the next morning. He replied with a laugh.
6:00pm to 6:00am of September 5Distressed.

September 5, 2007, Wednesday-------
5:13amWoke up with a bright smile and a thundering stomachache
[Lost time]
8:30amI'm off to ABS-CBN wondering if I could pass or not.
9:10amFell in line, being seprated from the girls (which makes makes it easy for me.. hehe...)
9:50amEntered the ABS-CBN compound and fell in line again to fill out the basic information sheet.
10:46amGot my sheet and headed straight to Studio 4.
10:48amFell in line again outside Studio 4 because we have to wait for the first batch to finish (Yes, we are on the second batch)
1:46pmGot inside Studio 4, which is also the set of Kapamilya Deal or No Deal. The place is small compared to what we see on TV. I sat right in front of where the 26K dance and stand. I sat on the exact middle part of teh stage near the stairs (that means i'm in front of everybody)
2:00pmWe have our examination. 30 items for 6 minutes! My gawd! The exam killed every nerve brain in my head! haha! Who would have known the 1973 Miss Universe or the Tagalog term for gecko! haha! at least nasagot ko ng tama yan kahit halo-halo na laman ng utak ko by that time...
3:12pmThose who passed the exam went directly to FINGER SCANNING! and yes, the girls got fingered there.. nyahahaha! bastos!
3:24pmWe went straight ahead to Studio 2, where the 1 vs. 100 studio is situated, and fill-out another form. Di ko na binasa yung mecahnics ng game.. hahaha! bad!
3:46pmI was told to have a lunch break and went back for the interview. Yung mga kasabay ko pinauwi, tawagan na lang sila kung kelan ang taping.... ahehehe.... at least ako surefire na member na ako ng MOB at 50-50 chances of becoming THE ONE... YABANG! lolz
5:58pmI was interviewed and asked if I am jolly and be able to catch up with Edu's wit.. and I said, "Yes". End of interview.. nyahahaha!
6:23pmI went home. I phoned Bernce and I found myself talking for 15minutes. hahahaha! naubos load ko kay lolo bernce! nyahahaha

Nakita ko si Charrie Villa(ata?), the head of their news gathering(ata uli?), as she talks to the phone giggling aloud.
Tina Monson-Palma, such a great and nice lady. even she doesn't say a word, i can sense she is that nice!
I saw Mr. M (Johnny Manahan) from afar, right outside the Wowowee studio.
KRIS AQUINO! I was starstrucked when we met her in the hallway. As usual, maingay sya at guess what kung sinong ka-chikahan nya sa Dresisng room, ----
BOY ABUNDA! nyahahaha! parang gusgusin si Boy in person! hahaha! pero i think he's nice naman eh.. hahaha!
The person who play Kokey! I saw him kasi dun sa isang part ng compaound, nagshu-shooting ang Kokey, then comes out this unano... i knew it he's kokey... kasi yun lang naman ang pwedeng gawin ng unano na yuns a set eh... to play kokey! yehey! natuwa akos a sarili ko habang pinagmamasadan syang nangyo-yosi with matching bulging eyebags...
I got interviewed to become THE ONE, and i have 50-50 chance of becoming one and a 100% assurance of playinga s part of THE MOB. I just wait for their confirmation kung kelan ang taping! yehey!
buti na lang ansagot ko yung isang question dun:
"Ano ang meaning ng "A" sa ABS-CBN?"
I answered it with full confidence, "Alto"

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Security Holes Found in Photoshop CS2, CS3

Unpatched vulnerabilities found in Adobe Photoshop CS2 and CS3 could put users' computers at risk.

Jeremy Kirk, IDG News Service

Tuesday, May 01, 2007 8:00 AM PDT

A pair of security vulnerabilities found in certain versions of Adobe Systems Inc.'s popular Photoshop products could put users' computers at risk, according to security researchers. Neither flaw has been patched yet.

One vulnerability is caused by an error in how the BMP.8BI Photoshop Format Plugin processes bitmap files, according to a warning posted by Secunia ApS, a security vendor based in Denmark. A malicious bitmap could cause a stack-based buffer overflow that would allow control over the victim's computer.

Secunia, which rates the problem as "highly critical," one of its more severe ratings, advised users not to open untrusted bitmap images. The problem affects Photoshop CS2 and CS3, and could affect other products, Secunia said.

A second vulnerability, also "highly critical," comes from a problem in the PNG.8BI Photoshop Format Plugin, Secunia said. A stack-based buffer overflow is also possible if a user opens a malicious .PNG file, an image format. Users should not open unexpected .PNG files.

Products affected included Photoshop CS2, CS3 and 5.x versions of Photoshop Elements, Secunia said in its warning. The vendor attributed the discovery of both vulnerabilities to a security researcher named Marsu.

I'm done. Free.

Almost two years of being in a workplace that i considered my second home, I have decided to leave.

I dedicate this space for the two years of not speaking up, frustrations, guilt, anger and loneliness.

But most of all, I will be missing friends. Friends that I treasured so much. Friends that I've valued for almost two years. Friends that I considered one but never returned such kindness I gave them. Friends to which I loved. Friends to which who broke my heart. Friends who inspires me. Friends who gives me headache. Friends that I valued so much.

You will always be remembered.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Mano Po 312: 跳棋 (Chinese Checkers)

On its tradition of giving nonsense film anthologies, comes another great epic that would despise its predecessors...

If you are given 3 seconds of your life and choose between the two, what would it be? To be in love without happiness? Or to be happy without reason? Or none of the above?

This is right minus wrong... Wrong spelling, wrong....

This is.. Mano Po 312: Chinese Checkers... coming soon... not showing on your favorite moviehouses.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Galit Ako!

P148.17? Grrrr.....

A Very Touching Story

They'd known each other since their school days and had since become the best of friends. They shared everything and anything and spent lots of time together in and after school. But the friendship never developed into anything deeper.

Diane kept a secret: her admiration and love for Jack. She had her reasons for keeping it a secret. FEAR. Fear of rejection... fear that he might not feel the same... fear that he might not want to be her best friend anymore.. fear of losing someone that she could always find comfort in. At least if she kept her feelings to herself she would still be able to spend time with him... and hopefully, he would be the one to tell her how he felt towards her.

Time passed, and soon school was over. Jack and Diane went separate ways.

Jack continued his studies overseas, while Diane got herself a job. They still kept in touch though... penned letters, sent each other photographs, and mailed each other gifts. Diane longed for Jack to be back. She decided that she would tell him her feelings once he got back.

And then out of the blue... the mails from Jack stopped coming. Diane wrote to him, but there was never a reply. Where was he? What happened? Lots of questions ran through her mind...

Two years passed and Diane was still hopeful that Jack would come back... or at least send her a note. And then her prayers were answered. One mid-August day, she received a note from Jack. It said:

Diane, I have a surprise for you. I'm flying over. Meet me at the airport. My flight comes in at 4pm on Saturday. I can't wait to see you again! There's something I need to tell you, something I've been keeping inside all this time.

Love & Kisses,


Diane's fingers shook as she read the note. Her heart soared. Diane was thrilled. Love and kisses... it meant a lot for a lady who had waited so long for those words. She was ecstatic! The day arrived, and Diane waited anxiously for Jack. She had slipped into her best dress, and did her best to look as pretty as she could. She looked around... but Jack was nowhere in sight.

She waited and waited, wondering what she would say to Jack when he got there, what their meeting would be like. Would there be love in his eyes? Would there be longing, bred from years of separation and hiding each others' feelings?

Oh, how she longed to see him! How she longed to throw her arms around him and tell him she was a fool to ever let him go without ever telling him how she felt! And she was certain Jack felt it too. There was always a certain magic about them when they were together.

Then a lady in a sexy, tight, blue dress approached her. She had a very concerned look on her face, 'Hi! I'm Lynn, a friend of Jack. Are you Diane?' she asked. Diane just nodded her head. 'I'm afraid I... I have bad news for you. Jack is not coming... he won't be coming back anymore,' said the lady, placing a hand on Diane's shoulder. Diane shook her head in confusion. She felt her heart constrict. What could possibly have happened? Diane felt an overwhelming fear inside her. Her hands turned cold. Her voice shook as she asked:

'Where... where's Jack? What happened to him? Please tell me...'

Diane begged the lady...The lady looked intently at Diane... and then she gave Diane a nudge on the shoulder and said...


Kawawang Diane, hindi lang nawasak ang puso... inapak-apakan pa ng lintik na Jack, este Lynn pala!



Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rounin Soundtrack

ABS-CBN in cooperation with its subsidiaries, created the first-ever tele-epiko entitled "Rounin". The grandest and the most important project of the year, it gathers the most bankable young stars of this generation, Angelica Panganiban, Luis Manzano, Geoff Eigenmann, Rafael Rosell, Jhong Hilario and Nikki Gil are few of the names from the star-studded cast.

But what adds more spice to Erik Matti’s "Rounin"?

Star Records, backed up by ABS-CBN TV Production and MYX, produced and created the official soundtrack for the tele-epiko wherein the title track, "Argos," was performed by Bamboo, a new avenue was opened to the band, as "Argos" is said to be the band's first venture to record a song for a primetime television show. "Rounin" is also the first time for the multi-awarded band, Bamboo and Star Records to be working together.

Also in the rock compilation album are the enchanting voice of Kitchie Nadal who interpreted an original "Iniibig Kita," 2006 Rockista grand prize grand winner, Bojo who sings "Walang Hangganan", pop-rock band Shamrock who renders "Tanging Ikaw", Acel (former, Moonstar 88 vocalist) sings "Sa Ngalan ng Pag-Ibig," Rock icon Kevin Roy performs "Kailanpaman," and the superband, Sandwich sings "Humanda Ka" plus up and coming rock bands Bliss, Side Crash and North Groove performing "I Think Of You," "One Last Time" and "Nasaan Ka Na," respectively.

Humanda Ka and Kailanpaman are also in the Pinoy Big Brother Season One Soundtrack.

And of course, we are proud that co-Olongapeño Bojo, is also part of this compilation.

情侣在公园 (Lovers at the Park)

Story of love, hatred, sacrifice, texting, and playing around.
What will you choose? Mayonnaise or Mustard?
You decide.
Your decision is in your hands, so always wash your hands before eating.
Ito ang deviation na bubwag sa asianovela craze. Malakas ba ang pananalig mo? Da Vinci Code, watch out!


Mystique vis-a-vis Emma Frost
I did some sketches when i have the most free time i have in the history of working. I have become fans of these wonderful gorgeous women of the Marvel world, and of course been a fan of this anime. I am talking about the X-Men and Naruto. And since i've seen myself being fond of them, i decided my first-ever fanart! *applause* So for the start, I drew Emma Frost and Mystique from the X-Men... two of the lovely ladies in the X-Men Universe.. and of course I love Storm... kaya lang di ko nahabol yung scan, so sa susunod na lang sya. For the vis-a-vis sketch, i used their current costume while on their solo sketches, i used their old uniforms...
Next stop is my favorite Naruto character, they are actually three alongside Shino is Shikamaru and Sasuke... I will be posting the last two sketches next time, if i could find time..... Where can i buy time?

Emma Frost , Mystique & Shino, the bugsy boy

Monday, April 23, 2007

Worth 1000 Entries

Well, i do have lots of photo manipulations... hmmm... let's start with this one.


The first one is an entry for the virtual game which is not yet been relesed. So i decided to make a jumping rope game and made it into PS.. haha.. etong kinalabasan...

Another level on the jumping rope...

an international competition, where participants from different countries join this elite game...

you can choose different characters, each from different countries..

you may choose different modes from kinda easy, easy, mid-difficult, difficult, and very difficult modes.

you may choose different locations.. from playground to a nuclear power plant, from school grounds to underwater!

and the best of all, its a no-nonsense jumping rope game... each player can cheat: throw stones while the player is playing, plot bombs on the playground.. and many more!


I suppose to pass this for Worth1000 again, in 30 mins, i try to finish my art, but i ran out of time.... 56 seconds more before the deadline, but the contest closed. sayang.. anyways.. i am posting this one, hoping na magkaroon pa ng isa pang contest like this... heh...


di ako masyadong adik sa worth1000... another entry again.. these are two separte devaintarts... i'm so sorry, i forgot to get their names.. maybe on monday, i'll acknowledge them... the challenge is to make a realistic UFO sighting... i dunno kung realistic enough ito... :giggle:




Subject: Your Worth1000 entry was a top pick!
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 05:14:57 -0500

Hey katsushiro,

Congratulations! Your entry, Abducted, was selected as a Jury's pick (amongst the cream of the crop) in Contest 13515. This is really just a pat on the back since this award is independent of the contests and any monetary reward, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't feel proud of yourself. Heck, give yourself a hug. Job well done!

To see your shiny new gold star go to your stats page at

Bling, Bling!
-Worth1000 juror Nicky666


I think of a nationalistic way of how would a dawn be like in the philippines.. no need for fireworks.. this could be beautiful...

CAT VS. MOUSE Pt. 2 (Link)

Another Worth1000 entry.. sana manalo this time.. haha!

CAT VS. MOUSE Pt. 1 (Link)

Another worth 1000 entry na talunan... partida, 2 pa entry ko nyan ah.. haha!

Movie Review: 300

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Bob Longino
"...beautiful to look at and bombastic tripe to listen to."

Chicago Sun-Times
Richard Roeper
"...the "Citizen Kane" of cinematic graphic novels."

E! Online
Alex Markerson
"...a stunning piece of filmmaking..."

Entertainment Weekly
Lisa Schwarzbaum
"This is dazzle for the head, not the heart."

Rolling Stone
Peter Travers
"...fanboys will thrill to the carnage and presumably forgive the puffed-up dialogue and regrettable lack of characterization."

Tim yap
Aahaaay chorva!

Di kinaya ng powers ko ang kahotness ng movieness na itetch! It's raining men! (haleluya)! like go go go mga anik anik at ang mga mudra mega taray ang haba ng hair production number clothing designer eklavu powerness! kaboom!

It's like go papa spartans! go delisyus fighting karne! i get so weak on the knees i can't hardly breath go go go! spapartans make bugbog the evil persia! make warla the queen xerxes.

At antaray naman ng lolaaaaaa xerxes mooooooo! nagmamaasim ang fingerlets ng hinawakan si spapartan head papa! ang entrance pang vilma with matching solid gold dancers itetch! with diamente ala maricel! wiiinnneeeeeer! ang eye brows ha! mega shoot to the stratosphere sa katarayan!

Ang warlahan ditetch daig pa ang rineregla sa dami ng vlood! at ang nacut neck na cutie spartan...nag cryola aketch! di kinaya ng emoticons ko ang death by tamponess ng cutie spartan. huhuhu. I'm sure proud si mother ricky dahil ang ganduuuuuuuuh talaga ng movieng itetch. like super mega walang halong chorva!

PERO LYER SILA! binilang ko ang mga papa...di umabot ng 300. 127 lang ang mga spapartans! etchos


Photo Restoring

Just as when i was scanning my pictures in my friendster account, i bumped into one of my oldest pic there.. so old that it is my baby pic! haha!

I thought of playing it, and i came up with the idea of restoring the image.... and VIOLA! here it is.. hehe...

Now it looks like taken yesterday.. lolz... isn't it lovely? He looks like my son! haha!

Baguio Adventure

And because its summer, i can't get over with the places i went at last year, so i posted these pics taken last May of 2006 from Baguio City...

Parang iisa lang ata ang damit ko dito at doon sa Grande Isalnd... actually, isang araw lang ang pagitan ng pagpunta ko ng Baguio at Grande... and I never realized this until now na, iisa angs et ng clothes that I brought! ack! silly me!

Grandeur Scandal

Here are some of my pics during my first trip in Grande Island, er sometime in 2007...

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Grandeur Grande Island

This is, (obviously) our group photo taken before our departure at Grande Island, a week ago.


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Party: Reloaded!

Kahit na limited lang ang pagkain, enjoy naman kasi kasama mo yung mga taong nag-e-enjoy din na kasama ka... Maliban lang sa mga iilan...

I never had a fun christmas paty like this one. Although it wasn't a party but a simple gathering the day before christmas(wehe... parang the day after tomorrow lang ah...)

Salamat sa mga nagdala ng pagkain, sa mga chocolates.... sa amin ni robert na nagdala ng ice cream (pahirapan pa sa pagbunot ng pera...)... Pakana din ni Euge yang dala-dalahan na yan.... tapos yung pinakamahal ang ibibigay samin! Kapal talaga...

Tapos ang daya din sa palabunutan ng prize! si kuya steve nakakuha ng dvd, si lyn na gate crasher nakakuha ng ref, tapos si noeme, tv! samantalang puro pangalan lang nila ni lani yung nandun sa box, masuwerte pa nga't nabunot pangalan ni kuya steve! ang daya talaga!

Pero ok lang, di rin naman totoo yung bunutan, di rin naman totoo yung prizes.... what is important e totoo anng lahat ng nandun, noong araw na yon, maliban lang kay euge na naka-tailin mascot costume pa rin.... bakit kaya ayaw niya tanggalin yun?!

Merry Christmas na lang! At Maligayang Pasko!
Happy New Year sa lahat... hanggang sa susunod na Pasko at Bagong Taon!

Christmas Party: Reloaded!

Masaya ang Christmas Party na dinaluhan ng humugit-kumulang kulang-kulang na empleyado ng Tailin Abrasives noong Dec.17! whew! buti na lang at natpos din yung kalokohan na yun kundi sila ang tatapusin ko!

Mabuti na lang, may sariling version ang Admin/MIS na ginanap noong Dec. 24, bisperas ng pasko, 12nn, malapit sa CR ng mga ladies....

Masaya ang pagtitipon! kahit na kami-kami lang... mabuti na nga yung ganun... Pero di maiiwasan ang mga gate-crashers.... kasi pang-Admin lang 'to, e bakit nandito si Lani?! At panay pa ang epal?! Kala mo siya ang may-ari ng bahay... Asar talaga....

Siyempre dahil sa ang nag-organize ng kalokohang, este ng kabaliwang, este, ng kasiyahang ito ay si Euge (dahil wala naman talagang tumanggap ng hamon na 'to maliban sa kanya... ideya niya 'to kaya siya lang ang dapat gumawa nito! Kala niya ah...), naging masaya ang lahat lalo na sa palarong a ginawa ni Euge (ewan ko ba kung bakit puro kalokohan ang naiisip nitong nilalang na 'to, yes! nilalang, kasi kalahati siyang tao at kalahating K _ B _ _ O!